Over 9,000 Pounds of Hand-Set Glass

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Westminster skylight glazing

On July 12-13, 2017, the Empirehouse Glazing Team of four hand-set 120 glass lites — over 9,000 pounds of glass — in a day and a half into the 30-foot wide, seven-foot tall skylight frame on the third floor at the Westminster Presbyterian Church expansion job site.

Empirehouse Glazing Foreman Dan Weis worked with Mortenson and Empirehouse Field Superintendent Trent Johnson to come up with a safety rig line configuration in order to safely hand set 120 glass lites—weighing as much as 110 pounds each—within the skylight frame which is capped over the opening three stories above ground.

Watching the Empirehouse Glazing team of four hand-set 120 glass lites was like watching a team of climbers scale a mountain.

Glazing Foreman Dan Weis said, “Glazing this skylight frame was about as strenuous as when I climbed Mount Rainier.”

The skylight frame was crowned with a 481-pound center oculous glass lite which spans seven-feet wide. The Glazing Team worked with the Mortenson tower crane to carefully set the oculous in place.

Westminster skylight by Jake Reining

Empirehouse Glazing Foreman Dan Weis and Apprentice Sean Wilmes install the center oculous glass with the help of the Mortenson tower crane. The oculous weighs 481 pounds and spans seven feet wide. Photo by Jake Reining.

In all over 9,000 pounds of glass lites were set in a day and a half by the Empirehouse Glazing Team of four: Glazing Foreman Dan Weis, Glazier James Demarais, ID Worker Jeremiah Johnson, and Apprentice Sean Wilmes. When the project is complete, a chandelier will hang from the center oculous of the skylight.

Video: Over 9,000 pounds of hand-set skylight glass

Empirehouse was awarded the architectural glass and metal contract by Mortenson Construction for the Westminster Presbyterian Church expansion project and work with James Dayton Design where Empirehouse engaged in design-assist services to bring the Architect’s design intent to life. Many unique features make up the glass and glazing scope: several skylights including a 30-foot wide by seven-foot high domed skylight, curtainwall, storefront, an over-sized sliding glass door system, and a structural glazed stackwall system with a dichroic film application.

The Church’s “Open Doors Open Futures” campaign features an expansion project where Westminster’s 1895 Romanesque architecture will connect to the new modern, light-filled space that will provide a welcoming feeling of openness to the community for the next 150 years of missions.

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Video, photography, and written by Jennifer Klitzke, Empirehouse Marketing & Image Coordinator. For more information about Empirehouse, contact jklitzke@empirehouse.com.