Design-assist challenge: Anchoring of a dichroic-filmed structural glazed stackwall system

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Dichroic glass installation

For decades Empirehouse has been involved in many unique architectural glass and glazing applications where we’ve partnered with architects and general contractors to bring constructable solutions to enclosure challenges. Recently Empirehouse teamed with Mortenson Construction and James Dayton Design as a design-assist partner for the Westminster Presbyterian Church expansion project.

There are many unique glass features that make up the Westminster Presbyterian Church expansion project, such as a 30-foot wide by seven-foot-high domed skylight, an over-sized sliding glass door system, a folding glass wall system for sound control, and a structural glazed stackwall system with heavy tempered glass fins and glass units treated with a dichroic film application to simulate modern stained glass.

In the dichroic film application, Empirehouse worked with Mortenson and James Dayton Design to determine the best film placement in order to showcase the full dichroic color pallet as the sun shifts across the room throughout the day.

Many from Empirehouse Project Management, Fabrications, Field Installation and Delivery pooled their thoughts to develop a fail-safe installation plan, protect the filmed glass, and keep the project running on schedule. A quality-control check list was established to ensure that each glass unit maintained quality standards throughout this unique application and installation process.

5-Applying dichroic film

Dichroic film was applied to the 4 x 11 foot 350-pound glass units in the shop before they were transported to the job site for installation. The glass fins were filmed after installation on site.

Dichroic glass installationIn addition to the dichroic film application, the structural glazed stackwall system went through extensive design assistance for constructability. Empirehouse engaged in scope and constructability review, aesthetic selection and product integration, structural engineering and detail development, Revit modeling design and VDC integration, computer-simulated thermal modeling, logistics review, cost estimating, and value alignment, pre-engineering, and value engineering to determine an effective anchoring of the system.

Empirehouse provided design assistance to determine the fin dimensions, whether the fins would be visible or recessed, whether the system would be base loaded or top loaded, address the live load in the roofing, and develop a structural steel mechanism to anchor the structural glazed stackwall system and accommodate roof deflection come snowy winter months.

Dichroic glass installationEmpirehouse had a perfect stretch of weather for installation of the dichroic-filmed glass units. Two Glaziers Mitch Schindele and Eddie Love installed each 350-pound glass unit from a JLG lift and one Glazier Dan Weis set from inside the facility. As soon as the dichroic film cures to the glass, silicone will complete the glazing process to add strength and waterproofing to the system.


Dichroic glass installation

A structural glazed stackwall system with heavy tempered glass fins and glass units treated with a dichroic film application.

Dichroic Film Application: (Click to enlarge)

Dichroic Glass Installation: (Click to enlarge)

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