Empirehouse offers Architectural Glass & Metal System Design Assist Services

design assistEmpirehouse offers architectural glass and metal system design assist services to Construction Companies, General Contractors, Architects, Owners, and Consultants. By collaborating with you between the latter stages of schematic design and the end of the design development documents, we can integrate your design ideas into buildable glazing and fabrication systems. This proactive expertise can dramatically reduce change orders that can blow your budget and delay your project.

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Empirehouse system design assist services have made a significant impact in design efficiency, risk management, cost containment, and has lead to achieving accelerated schedules, working successfully at confined job sites, and accommodating complex projects with sophisticated architectural glass and metal systems.

Empirehouse Design Assist Projects include:

Empirehouse can provide you with input on efficient and cost-effective glazing and fabrication techniques, such as prefabrication, and offer you equipment capability insights that will help you meet your anticipated budget, logistics, and schedule.

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Let the design assist and constructability experts at Empirehouse identify and solve your architectural glass and fabrication issues before the construction begins. Call Empirehouse at (763) 535-1150 or contact us.

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About Empirehouse
Since 1950, Empirehouse has been a specialty glass and glazing contractor that has been delivering architectural glass walls, curtainwall and storefront, glass railings and entrances, and interior glass enclosures and has been meeting the demands of Midwestern commercial and public project building owners.

Empirehouse is an NACC Certified Glazing ContractorEmpirehouse is a Certified DBE Women-owned Business, and in 2016, Empirehouse became the first Certified NACC Glazing Contractor in the Midwest to ensure quality and safety standards by the book.

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