375 Pounds of Teamwork

Posted on August 28, 2012, by

When you think you’ve had a tough day, taking a look at this video clip might make you change your mind. The service elevator for the building was too small to accommodate these huge lites of glass. So, on August 28, the Empirehouse glazing crew comprised of lead glazier Mike Blumer and his team of Brandon Schindele, William Esnough, Adam Griffith, Jeremy Meyer, and Trent Johnson had the grueling task of carrying these oversize lites of 60” x 109” x 5/8” tempered glass up to the offices of Tata Consultancy Services.

teamworkEach lite weighs 375 pounds: two were carried up 10 flights of stairs and two were carried up 12 flights of stairs. In spite of the rather compact stairwells and doorways, the delivery and installation was a success!

Special note to all designers: Design should also consider the application and the methods needed to complete the work!