Power Grip Glass Transporter

Posted on March 24, 2014, by
Power Grip

Few things attract more interest in the construction industry than seeing big equipment in operation and nothing compares to the ballet-like grace and movement of cranes delicately delivering material from the ground level to several stories high.

In the video below, Empirehouse shows a heavy sheet of skylight glass transported and installed at a commercial office project in Maple Grove, Minnesota. No crates are used to hold the glass during transport. The glass attached and lifted by the Empirehouse Power Grip which uses powerful suction cups able to grip up to 1,400 lbs. at a time! Then the glass is craned from the ground level to the rooftop into the awaiting skylight frame.

The day was relatively calm and created ideal conditions for installation. While you view this video, notice the flawless reflection of this amazingly flat glass surface.

Video: The Empirehouse Power Grip