Red Nose Day 2016

Posted on May 26, 2016, by
Production staff

Fun for a great cause! Thursday, May 26 marks Empirehouse’s second year participating with the global Red Nose Day annual outreach event to help children in poverty. This year, Empirehouse employees donated 160 pounds of food to Second Harvest Heartland. This exceeds last year’s donation of 135 pounds. 100% of our donations were available for families in need within 24 hours of drop off.

Thanks to those who donated and for the silly red nose fun!

A special thanks to CAD Operator Jennifer Schneider, Office Generalist Emily Lindahl, and Production Coordinator Adam Griffith and his Shop crew who demonstrated an exceptional team spirit.

Video: Helium Voices and Red Nose Day Reminder

Video: Multiplying like Fishes ‘n Loaves

To learn more about Red Nose Day, visit

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