2016 CSI Golf Tournament

Posted on June 2, 2016, by
CSI Empirehouse Team

A perfect top “10” weather day blessed us at the 35th Annual CSI (Construction Specifications Institute) Golf Tournament held at Bunker Hills Golf Course in Coon Rapids, MN. Pictured above is the Platinum Sponsored Empirehouse golf team (left to right): Troy Hanson, Empirehouse Project Manager Matt Maul, Ben Wyatt, and Jeff Salmos.


Rumor has it that Jeff is an amazing golfer (pictured at left), and is even more impressive when he’s multi-tasking. Throughout the 18 holes of this Best Ball Scramble, he drove in long putts and chips while conducting business on his cell phone. Another golfer on one of the foursomes played with his foot in a cast. That handicap golfer did really well!

Empirehouse was a Platinum Sponsor at Hole West 1 with FREE beer and a fun foot golf game. Those who kicked one of four balls into the target were entered into a drawing for a $50 cash prize. Congratulations to Rob Howard of Pope Architects who was the winner of the foot golf game.

Speaking of FREE beer, wind caught word that Empirehouse had FREE beer. Only, we had a keg malfunction just before the golfing began. One of the golfers showed up so eager to help fix the problem before the Bunker Hills staff returned with the new part when Ol’ Faithful erupted at our tent. We were suddenly and unexpectedly covered with beer suds! Now, where was the event photographer? (Too stunned to take a picture!) Thankfully, everything fell into place at the last minute, and we had plenty of beer to go around.

Not only that, but thanks to the generosity of the golfers, $275 was raised for CSI sponsorship to grow this dynamic and resource-rich association into the next generation.

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