Teamwork at Temple Israel

Posted on June 16, 2016, by

The Empirehouse camera captured lots of TEAM work going on among our glazing crew at the Temple Israel project. Empirehouse was awarded the glazing contract on this project with Mortenson Construction and HGA Architects and Engineers. The Empirehouse glazing team have been busy installing 7,500 square feet of glass.

Way to work together and get things done with QUALITY and SAFETY in mind!

Empirehouse Foreman Mitch Schindele

Foreman Mitch Schindele reads the road map and provides direction to the Empirehouse glazing team.


Empirehouse glaziers had to hand carry and install several 414 lb. 70″ x 144″ glass lites due to the logistics of overhangs and soft ground.

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Empirehouse glaziers teamed with the Mortenson lift driver to move our large glass units. After verifying the measurement, the Empirehouse glaziers had to hand carry each glass unit into the courtyard. Empirehouse glaziers demonstrated teamwork, precision and communication to lift each heavy glass unit through the opening to the scissor lift. After the glass was safely transferred to the scissor lift, it was carefully driven and raised into the opening.

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Empirehouse Foreman Mitch Schindele discusses the project with Field Supervisor Trent Johnson.

Video: Setting glass using the scissor lift