Installing Walker Art Skylights

Posted on August 24, 2016, by
Craning in glass lite

Empirehouse glaziers led by Foreman Mark Waggoner installed an all-glass low-slope skylight system into 244 square feet of custom aluminum purlin with the help of a Power Grip and crane at the Walker Art Center.

Craning in glass lite

This low iron standard tempered insulated glass unit weighs 1,600 pounds and was craned to the upper level with the Power Grip. Empirehouse glazing team pictured: Foreman Mark Waggoner (aka Waggs) and Glaziers Dan Weiss (aka Farmer), Gary Salmala (aka Gingy) and Apprentice Joel Thorson.

Installing last light of large skylight

The larger skylight was set with three low iron standard tempered insulated glass units weighing 1,400 pounds each. Empirehouse glazing team pictured: Foreman Mark Waggoner (aka Wags) and Mitch Schindele, Eddy Love, and Apprentice Glazier Joel Thorson.

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