Acquisitions & Mergers: What do they mean for architects, specifiers and builders?

Posted on October 6, 2016, by
Acquisitions & Mergers: What do they mean for architects, specifiers and builders?

We’ve noticed a trend in the construction building supply industry where companies are acquiring similar businesses. A recent example was published in the October 3rd issue of Glass magazine which announced the acquisition of PPG’s flat glass business by Vitro.

PPG (formerly known as Pittsburgh Plate Glass Company) has been a household name in the glass industry since 1883 and has introduced many products that have changed how architects use glass to improve building performance. The Vitro acquisition of PPG has now quickly grown it to become one of the largest glass companies in the world with more than 200 years of glass manufacturing experience.

What do acquisitions and mergers like this mean for architects, specifiers and builders? Aside from updating specifications with the new manufacturer’s name, it’s important to pay attention to how the new entity will move ahead. Will there be adequate sales representation? Will product warranties be honored? What about quality control and service? Will the new owner support industry associations and education? Will the Company’s reputation carry on as it had?

In the last 10 years, there have been many mergers and acquisitions in the construction materials industry where similar products have been combined under one roof. Some have continued with “business, as usual” while others have kept their company names, but not their policies, support, and quality.

Architects, Specifiers and Builders: When you learn about mergers and acquisitions, do your homework to ensure you are designing, specifying, and building with products that continue to meet the criteria of your design, performance, and quality.

Alana GriffithAlana Sunness Griffith, FCSI, CCPR has worked with Empirehouse for 30 years as an Estimator, Project Manager, Product Sales Representative, and Vice President of Marketing.