Iconic Glass Replacement

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Walker Art Center glass replacement

Empirehouse is proud be the Architectural Glass and Metal Contractor at the iconic Walker Art Center for a custom glass replacement. Thanks to an unseasonably warm and calm November day, the glass installation for the two custom shaped glass lites were replaced safely and seamlessly by the Empirehouse glazing team with the help of a smart lift, power cup, crane, and JLG lift alongside well-traveled Hennepin Avenue near downtown Minneapolis.

Each monumental heavy-laminated insulated glass lite weighs over a thousand pounds—the largest measuring 72″ x 196.”

Walker Art Center glass replacement

Empirehouse glaziers Mitch Schindele and Gary Salmela caulking the frame before installing the 72″ x 196″ glass lite. Inside is glazier Mark Waggoner with apprentices Andrew Henricks and Nick Maurer.

Walker Art Center glass replacement

Heavy-tempered laminated glass is selected for safety because it remains intact when it becomes damaged as shown above. This photo also shows the reflection of Empirehouse glaziers installing the new replacement glass in the broken glass unit.

Walker Art Center glass replacement

Empirehouse Safety & Quality Manager Jake Reining holds back pedestrians for their safety while the glazing team installs the glass lite overhead. This photo also shows the logistical challenges of installing huge glass lites on a busy city jobsite.

Walker Art Center Window Replacement

The completed glass replacement.

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