Is your Architectural Glass and Metal Contractor NACC Certified?

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NACC Certified to National Standards

Did you know that not all architectural glass and metal contractors have quality and safety processes that meet national standards? Did you know that not all architectural glass and metal contractors guarantee their promises? Did you know that not all architectural glass and metal contractors document their quality policies in a published manual?

Empirehouse is an NACC Certified Glazing ContractorAs a design professional in today’s competitive business environment, do you have assurance in the credentials of your glazing contractor that they will complete your project safely, with quality, and stand on their word?

Empirehouse can and they’ll prove it.

Empirehouse is certified to meeting national quality and safety standards and they have published an architectural glass and metal quality manual that details their quality processes. If you would like a copy of this quality manual? Read on…

Empirehouse projectsCertified to meet National Standards. Empirehouse is an ANSI-compliant Certified NACC Architectural Glass & Metal Contractor. This means that the North American Contractor Certification (NACC) program, which is formally accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) to the globally-recognized ISO/IEC17065:2012 standard, has certified Empirehouse quality and safety processes.

On April 22, 2016, the North American Contractor Certification (NACC) program verified that Empirehouse has met national standards for Interior and Entry Systems, Building Envelopes for Low and High Rise Buildings, and Active Glass. NACC has also verified that the Empirehouse business practices, safety protocol, quality management systems, contract administration processes, and glazing processes have been evaluated and are monitored to meet national standards established by a Certification Board of AG&M contractors, industry experts, and end-user stakeholders.

Empirehouse will meet your glazing needs with quality results and give you assurance that the quality products you’ve selected will be installed safely and properly and in a timely manner.

Promises Delivered. Passing this rigorous North American Contractor Certification program, along with Empirehouse’s three-generations of Architectural Glass & Metal expertise are your guarantees that they will not low bid their way into a glazing contract only to follow it up with an endless stream of change orders. “Having this in-depth NACC program not only validates what we do, but it provides a guideline for what we do and proves it,” says Empirehouse General Manager James Bringle.

Empirehouse Quality ManualThe EMPIREHOUSE, INC. Architectural Glass and Metal Quality Manual

Empirehouse has published a 68-page Architectural Glass & Metal Quality Manual that details their quality processes, and you can get your copy by completing the form below.

You’ll learn about…

  • Quality System Management and Responsibilities: Quality Policy, Performance Measures and Expectations
  • Project Quality Management System: Project Requirements, Inspection Plan, Communication Plan, Training Plan, Audit Plan
  • Contract Specifications: Technical Specifications, Drawings, Submittals, Approvals, Warranties
  • Calibration of Equipment and Tools: Personnel Responsibilities, Equipment Requirements
  • Project-Specific Quality Standards: Regulatory Codes, Quality Standards, Material, Equipment, and Process Specifications, Calibrations
  • Project Purchasing: Vendor and Subcontractor Responsibilities and Quality Policy, Purchase Order Requirements and Approvals
  • Process Controls: Meetings, Planning, Standards and Reporting
  • Inspections and Tests: Requirements, Inspections, Testings
  • Nonconformance’s, Corrective Actions and Reporting of Quality Events
  • Preventive Actions: Identification and Training
  • Quality System Audits: Project, Company, and Internal Audits and Forms
  • Record and Document Controls
  • Reference Documents and more!

If you are a Construction Company, General Contractor, Construction Manager, Architect, or Project Owner who awards contracts to Architectural Glass and Metal Contractors, Empirehouse wants to send you a free copy of their Architectural Glass & Metal Quality Manual. Just complete the form below.

Put your next project in the hands of a Certified NACC Architectural Glass & Metal Contractor who you can be assured to provide you with a consistent quality end product in a timely manner.

For more information, the North American Contractor Certification for Empirehouse is publicly available for review at

Empirehouse honors quality manual requests in good faith and reserves the right to deny requests at their discretion.