Installing SageGlass: Smart Electrochromatic Glass

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Uninterrupted views without glare. A comfortable controlled climate without the sun’s heat gain from sunup to sunset. A sustainability solution with LEED certification points. That’s SageGlass—a tintable electrochromatic smart glass.

SageGlass provides electrochromatically controlled tinting throughout the day as the sun moves across the room, so no blinds are needed. This reduces glare while providing uninterrupted window views. The SageGlass smart tinting also blocks out the sun’s heat gain and reduces energy consumption by as much as 20% which helps pay for itself. SageGlass is a sustainability solution that contributes to LEED certification programs.

SageGlassEmpirehouse, a certified NACC Architectural Glass & Metal Contractor, has been installing more and more of this state-of-the-art electrochromatic SageGlass in the last year including at the SageGlass corporate headquarters in Faribault, MN. The Empirehouse Glazing Team made up of Foreman Mike Blumer, Glazier Edward Love, and Apprentice Joel Thorson are featured in the April 2017 Glass Magazine SageGlass ad installing SageGlass at their headquarters.

Among other premiere projects where Empirehouse has been awarded the contracts to install SageGlass tintable electrochromatic smart glass are the Mystic Lake Convention Center with PCL Construction and the Treasure Island Center/Tria Rink with RJM Construction which will be the home of the Minnesota Wild’s practice center.

Empirehouse is an NACC Certified Glazing ContractorEmpirehouse is a certified NACC Architectural Glass & Metal Contractor for demonstrating consistency, quality and safety excellence. Empirehouse has met the NACC program requirements which have been established by a Certification Board of AG&M contractors, industry experts, and end user stakeholders and formally accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) to the globally-recognized ISO/IEC17065:2012 standard.

For your next project requiring architectural glass and metal, trust a Certified NACC Glazing Contractor for quality results. Contact Empirehouse at 763-535-1150 or contact us.

Mystic Lake HCCA

The Mystic Lake convention center will be set in electrochromatic SageGlass.


Treasure Island Center redering

The fifth floor Tria Rink will be set in electrochromatic SageGlass.

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