Empirehouse earns second phase of NACC Certification

Posted on June 22, 2017, by
NACC field inspection

Empirehouse earns second phase of NACC certification meeting national quality and safety standards.

Empirehouse is an NACC Certified Glazing ContractorThe second year assessment of Empirehouse’s certification process with the North American Contractor Certification (NACC) was held April 13-14, 2017. The audit conducted by Administrative Management Systems, Inc. (AMS), and overseen by an American National Standards Institute (ANSI) auditor, took place at the Empirehouse corporate office and production plant where metal frames were being fabricated, and at the Mystic Lake Hotel and Convention Center job site while our glazing team installed frames and glass.

2017 Empirehouse NACC Certificate

On June 13, 2017, Empirehouse earned the second phase of NACC Certification as an Architectural Glass & Metal Contractor.

Empirehouse Leadership, the Safety & Quality Manager, and a Glazing Foreman met with AMS and ANSI auditors to review the Empirehouse Safety Program, Quality Program, Project Management processes, Fabrication and Field Management processes, Material Handling, and Job Staging processes.

2017 Empirehouse Safety Manual

Empirehouse Safety Program:

  • Architectural Glass & Metal Safety Manual
  • Safety procedures
  • Safety practices
  • Safety equipment and PPE protocol
  • Safety CAPA log
  • OSHA log
  • Drug and substance abuse procedures

Executive Leadership

Quality Program:

  • Architectural Glass & Metal Quality Manual
  • Employee Handbook
  • Quality CAPA log
  • Personnel Documentation and Training
  • Core Competencies in all Key Roles

Fabrication details

Project Management:

  • Contract requirements and review including spec change processes
  • Pre-job meetings
  • Field execution of projects
  • Material and vendor requirements
  • Specification and contract document controls


Field Management:

  • Review of current projects
  • Site safety
  • Installation processes
  • Drawings and installation instructions
  • Sealing processes
  • Field quality practices and procedures
  • Competency and supervision of field personnel

NACC field inspection

Material Handling and Job Site Staging:

  • Transportation
  • Tracking and traceability
  • Storage and security

Becoming a Certified NACC Glazing Contractor is a thorough and time-intensive undertaking, but it assures our clients that Empirehouse is committed to national quality and safety standards to deliver their architectural glass and metal needs with consistency and in a timely manner.

For your next project, trust a Certified NACC Glazing Contractor for quality results. Contact Empirehouse at 763-535-1150 or contact us.