2017 AIA MN Golf Tournament Photo Gallery: Crossroads

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2017 AIA Golf

Majestic Oaks hosted the AIA MN Golf Tournament on July 24, 2017 where over 280 golfers enjoyed a perfect Summer day. Empirehouse sponsored hole #2 on the Crossroads course and met 137 golfers who teed off from one of the most challenging holes of the course [according to many of the golfers]. However we witnessed many AMAZING drives that looked as good as they sounded.

“It was a great day of golf with perfect weather connecting with people in the architectural community.”—Patrick Lawrence, Empirehouse Sales and Marketing Director

While teams waited for the green to clear, they enjoyed a fun game of birdie golf. For those who chipped a birdie onto the net were entered into a drawing for a $25 gift card.

This is the third Empirehouse hole-sponsored event this year where we have hosted this game, and we’ve seen many creative approaches applied. At this event, we discovered that teeing up the birdie does not help ones odds. Many golfers chipped one of three birdies onto the net. A handful chipped two of three and only one had a hat trick.

Congratulations to our gift card winner: Chris Kearney.

Empirehouse also hosted a foursome (pictured L to R): Mike Este, Leslie Price, Matt Gums, and Patrick Lawrence.

Crossroads Photo Gallery: (Click to enlarge)