Thirty-Foot Domed Skylight Frame Takes Flight

Posted on July 11, 2017, by
Westminster Skylight Frame

Empirehouse teamed with Mortenson Construction and James Dayton Design as the Architectural Glass, Metal and Glazing Contractor for the Westminster Presbyterian Church expansion project. This new light-filled space will connect with the Church’s 1895 Romanesque architecture and provide a modern space for the community to enjoy.

Empirehouse engaged in design-assist services to bring the design intent to life through unique glass features: a structurally glazed point-supported system with heavy tempered glass fins and glass units treated with a dichroic film application to simulate modern stained glass; an over-sized sliding glass door system; a folding glass wall system for sound control; curtainwall with custom fly-by conditions; and several skylights including a 30-foot wide by seven-foot high domed skylight.

On July 11, 2017, perfect weather with little wind was in order when the 30-foot wide, seven-foot tall skylight frame weighing 4,500 pounds was safely tethered for a smooth flight to its permanent location on the third floor of the new construction site. Empirehouse Glazing Foreman Dan Weis had worked with Mortenson to arrange for a staging site as he and the Empirehouse Team organized and assembled thousands of pieces to construct the skylight frame. The staging location identified was selected in order to provide the shortest direct line to lift and transport the assembled skylight frame to the opening.

Video: Thirty-foot Domed Skylight Frame Takes Flight

Westminster Skylight Frame Installation

Empirehouse Glazing Forman Dan Weis said, “There are lots of pieces that make up this skylight frame assembly which weighs 4,500 pounds.” When fully glazed, the domed skylight will weigh over 13,500 pounds!

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