An Empirehouse Intern Unplugged

Posted on August 15, 2017, by
Empirehouse intern

Empirehouse Intern Andrew Field pictured from the rooftop of the Minnesota Orchestra Hall.
Could he be reflecting upon the people, processes, projects, and roles of an Architectural Glass & Glazing Company during peak season?

An Empirehouse Intern Unplugged

The summer of 2017 has been the busiest Empirehouse has been in their 67 year history. Dozens of fabricators, glaziers, and field workers have been hired to take on the work volumes. Many employees have been cross trained to help out in other areas and a second shift has been formed to get more accomplished in less time.

During the peak of this activity, Empirehouse hired Andrew Field, a civil engineering student from the University of Iowa, for a three-month summer internship who experienced the people, processes, projects, and roles of our Architectural Glass & Glazing Company during peak season.

From day one, Andrew stepped into a whirlwind of activity and experienced face time with some of our current projects: Target Center renovation, Treasure Island Center, Westminster Presbyterian Church expansion, Marshfield Clinic and Hospital, Mall of America expansion, Mystic Lake HCC, Bell Museum of Natural History, U of M Tate, Edina High School, Northern Stacks, Twin City Orthopedic Vadnais Heights, 3M Building, Capitol Professional Building, Western National Insurance, 1919 University, Beautiful Savior Church, TCF Bank at Ridgedale, Galleria of Edina expansion, Hastings Clinic, West End Office, and US Bank Stadium.

During his internship, Andrew gained an overview about glass and glazing processes and took a deeper dive into a few key areas such as Safety and Quality, working in the Fabrication Shop, and with the Field Installers. He became acclimated with the many roles and processes within the glass and glazing business―from bidding a job to drafting shop drawings to establishing quality and safety protocol to fabricating frames in the shop to completing frame and glass installation on the job site.

In addition to the roles and processes, are the various glass, framing, and entrance systems. “Window systems are far more complex than I had assumed,” said Andrew. “With extensive fabrication and installation processes that go with each one.”

He adds, “I have learned how to use shop drawings and the installation instructions in the field to make sure installation is going as planned.”

Andrew’s favorite experience was working with the field crew as they installed glass railing at the US Bank Stadium. “It was very cool to get a “behind-the-scenes” look at the stadium,” Andrew said.

Jake and Andrew

(Pictured L to R): Empirehouse Safety & Quality Manager Jake Reining and Civil Engineering Student and Intern Andrew Field.

Everyone in the shop, office and field found Andrew a pleasure to work with―especially for Empirehouse Safety & Quality Manager Jake Reining who oversaw Andrew’s internship.

Jake and Andrew connected from day one. Andrew remembers dusting off a tie to wear on his first day as an intern. He felt a bit awkward when he noticed he was the only one wearing one. Seeing his discomfort, Jake said, “Andrew, will you take that [BLEEP]ing tie off!” Relieved, Andrew knew he was in good company.

Andrew said, “Jake’s constantly positive and quirky attitude helped make my experience that much more fun and enjoyable.” Laughing he added, “I also got to learn more movie references than I ever think I wanted to know!”

“Although Jake was incredibly busy, like everybody else,” Andrew said. “He still took the extra time to put together a work schedule for me. As well as teach me countless things when we worked together.”

As busy as Empirehouse has been this summer Andrew was a huge help. It was impossible for Jake to be in the office and at the job site at the same time. “Andrew played an important part in the administration aspect of Safety and Quality,” Jake said. He communicated with contractors, made sure safety packets got out, wrote site-specific quality procedures, and maintained the tool inventory, among other tasks.

“Andrew is a quick learner,” said Jake. When given a task, he stuck with it until it was finished, and was eager to take on more.

Andrew’s experience working with the Empirehouse office, shop, and field staff was equally as positive.

“As well as a great learning experience, this internship has helped show me what true work ethic is,” said Andrew. “I have been blown away by the drive and desire of everyone in the field, office, and shop in ensuring jobs get done and deadlines are met during this incredibly busy time.”

Andrew continues, “Seeing the dedication everybody has put forth into their job and the company in general has shown me how lucky I’ve been to have gotten to work with such great people.”

No doubt, Andrew will be missed by everyone in the shop, field, and office when he returns to college. “Andrew has a great attitude, a great personality, and a great sense of humor,” said Jake. “He would make an excellent addition to Empirehouse.”

Who knows, maybe we’ll see him back at Empirehouse when he graduates. (Jake’s not the only one keeping his fingers crossed.)

Empirehouse is lookng for a few good people like Andrew. Whether you’re interested in an internship or full-time employment, Empirehouse is looking for Project Managers, Project Assistants, Fabricators, Field Installers, Glaziers, Drafters, and 3D Modelers. Come and join a Great Company with Great People who produce Great Results! For more information, visit