Innovative Pre-glazing and Installation

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Field installation

Empirehouse teamed with PCL Construction to help achieve an aggressive schedule for the Mystic Lake Hotel project. This hotel needs to be completed in time to accommodate 2018 Superbowl patrons.

No worries. The Empirehouse Team came up with an innovative pre-glazing and installation plan to set 24,410 square feet of custom curtainwall.

Innovative problem solving: Pre-glazing on the job site
Empirehouse Project Manager Jason Weld put on his thinking cap and came up with an innovative installation idea. After the Production Team fabricated and delivered the custom saw-tooth curtainwall frames to the job site, the Field crew pre-glazed the aluminum frames with six glass lites. Then the pre-glazed unit was attached to a hoisting device and transported up several stories by a Spyder Lift Crane stationed on the top floor and operated by Glazing Foreman Brandon Schindele. When the pre-glazed curtainwall unit reached the opening, it was installed from the inside of the building by Glaziers. Not only was this a faster installation method than setting the frames and glass separately with a swing stage, but it reduced equipment costs.

After installing a few pre-glazed curtainwall units, Glazing Foreman Brandon Schindele improved the installation strategy which doubled the efficiency. Instead of one pre-glazing stage, a second stage was added so that while the Spyder Lift Crane hoisted a pre-glazed curtainwall unit into position for installation, the ground crew began pre-glazing a curtainwall frame from the second stage. Then when the pre-glazed unit was installed, Brandon folded up and transported the Spyder Lift Crane above the other staging area to crane in the other pre-glazed curtainwall unit. What a slick system! The two staging areas provided an even and level surface and kept the ground crew productive with little down time.

When the project first began, the field crew was installing four to five pre-glazed curtainwall units a day. Then after the second staging area was added and everyone hitting their groove, the Team really rocked it by installing as many as 12 pre-glazed curtainwall units a day!

Each pre-glazed saw-tooth frame unit is comprised of champagne anodized 2.5″ x 6″ fully captured ultra-thermal curtainwall assemblies and glazed with six glass lites: 1″ Viracon VS6-08 blue-green tinted glass with high-performance low ‘e’ coating and argon-filled air space at vision areas and color ceramic frit at spandrel locations.

Video: Innovative Pre-glazing Curtainwall Installation

Pre-glazing Process

Preglazing onsite

Moving each glass lite by hand to the pre-glazing stage.

Preglazing onsite

Installing six glass lites into the aluminum frame.

Preglazing hookup to lift

Attaching the pre-glazed unit to the hoisting device.

Spyder Lift Crane

The Spyder Lift Crane stationed on the top floor above the pre-glazing station.

Glazing installation

Stabilizing the pre-glazed curtainwall unit as the Spyder Lift Crane hoisted it to the opening.

Glazing installation

Up-up-and away to the opening.

Glazing installation

The pre-glazed curtainwall unit was carefully transported by the Spyder Lift Crane operated by Empirehouse Glazing Foreman Brandon Schindele. Glaziers waited for the unit to arrive for installation.

Glazing installation

Installing the unit from the inside of the tenth floor safely harnessed by fall protection as the hoisting device was being lowered to the staging area.

Field Installation

Installing the topside of the unit from above harnessed by fall protection.

Installed glass units

Installed saw-tooth curtainwall frames and glass units.


Empirehouse Glaziers working while NACC auditors assessed our field safety and quality practices.

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