2017 Empirehouse Toys for Tots Gift Drive

Posted on December 14, 2017, by
2017 Empirehouse Toys for Tots KARE11

On Thursday, December 14, Empirehouse had lots to celebrate when we transported over $10,700 in new, unwrapped toys to KARE11 where some of our employees were featured on the 4PM broadcast along with two other companies.

Video: KARE 11 December 14, 4PM Toys for Tots Feature

Toys and gift cards were donated by Empirehouse employees and our generous suppliers, friends and family for boys, girls, and teens who would normally go without a gift at Christmas.

2017 toys at checkout

Several Empirehouse employees rallied together on a Saturday to hand-pick toys and gifts for children and teens in need from the thousands of dollars in gift cards our generous employees and suppliers donated for Toys for Tots.

Toys and gifts for children and teens were tucked beneath the Empirehouse Christmas tree, lined around the conference room, and spilled out into the main hallway for a week before they were packed up into the Empirehouse delivery truck. There were so many toys and gifts, we wondered if they all would fit in one trip to the KARE11 studio!

Video: $10,700 in new unwrapped gifts for children in need

Imagine how excited children will be receiving a mountain bike, Razor, skate board, Barbie doll, remote control drone, fishing pole and tackle set, beauty makeover kit, basket ball hoop and NBA basket ball, train set, Star Wars Lego set, snow sled, Nerf gun, or fun-family board game?

Chili Cookoff

On December 18, Empirehouse held its second annual Chili Cookoff and invited everyone who donated to this year’s Empirehouse Toys for Tots campaign.

2017 Chili Cookoff Winner Blaine Volden

This year’s Chili Cookoff winner is Blaine Volden with his “Third Place Chili” (Getting its name from last year’s Chili Cookoff third place chili recipe.)

Thank you to Empirehouse employees, suppliers, family, and friends for helping us exceed last year’s Toys for Tots donation of $8,500.

Just think of all the happy children and teens there will be this Christmas because of your generosity!

Special thanks to these contributing companies and groups:
Beaupre Aerial Equipment
Bend Punch Shear, Inc. (BPS)
CMI Architectural
Division 8 Company
Empirehouse, Inc.
Galaxy Auto & Tire Centers
Homeco Insulation
Infinity Scaffold
InVision Glass
LSV Metals
Midwest Safety Counselors, Inc.
Mystic Lake Glaziers
Oldcastle Building Envelope (Albertville)
Oldcastle Building Envelope (Wausau)
Parkway United Church of Christ
Quality Manufacturing
River City Creative Glass
RMS Rentals
Rocket Crane
S&S Sales
SC Railing
Scaffold Service
Spider Lifts
Sun Control
TCO Blaine Glaziers
Tee Jay North
Telesystems, Inc.
Twin City Hardware
U of M Micro Glaziers
W.R. Ringheim

Special thanks to Empirehouse employees and the following people:
Ann & Nick Wagner
Betsy Brown Theis
Carol Bulchuck
Charlene and Greg Merz
Chuck & Marcie Hutera
Dan Gile
Dan Weis
Dave & Karen Johnson
Dianne Star
Emily Braun
Gary Salmela
Greg Renne
Grif & Alana Griffith
James & Emily Bringle
James & Kristine Hutera
James DeMarais
Jason & Raleigh Weld
Jennifer, Kaydin and Chloe Berry
Jennifer Klitzke
Jeremy & Jen Elbert
Jim Fabos
Lisa & Roger Nesteby
Maria Evans
Marylou and John Stoltzfus
Matt & Emily Gums
Michael & Leah Gilbert
Michelle McQuillan
Molly Merz
Nancy Griffith
Patty & Mike Wendinger
Rachel & Mike Yechout
Steve Carlson
Steve Opheim (Kawneer)
Trent & Sheena Johnson
Trisha & Aaron Eschenbacher
Troy Cagle
Yunker Family

Merry Christmas!