CHS Field glazing by Empirehouse

The CHS Field, home of the St. Paul Saints, hits a Home Run!

Empirehouse was awarded the Architectural Glass and Glazing contract by Ryan Construction for the CHS Ballpark Field and work with Ryan A+E at the design development stage to help bring the project into budget. The architect’s vision was to create a ballpark which incorporates elements of Lowertown’s historic architecture and transparency to reduce the visual impact on the neighborhood. Empirehouse achieved this vision with the use of large glass units and thin profile framing to give fans a feeling of being outside in the elements while spectating from inside.

The glass and glazing scope includes: Club Level floor-to-ceiling glass walls with tempered laminated insulated glass; Suite Level glass walls; Press Box operable windows; Ticket Box Office bullet resistant windows; Administration area glass walls; interior all-glass partitions; Souvenir Shop glass walls; and a 18′ x 8′ pyramidal skylight.

When the project moved into the construction phase, Empirehouse worked with the project team to assist in the constructability of our glazing products in conjunction with other trades on site.

CHS Field: Empirehouse glaziers lifting glass into openingOne-and-a-quarter-inch-thick tempered, laminated glass was installed along the facing playing field to ensure safety. Non-playing areas utilized standard tempered, insulated glass.

On the upper level, Empirehouse installed 440 lineal feet of glass. The largest units measure 5′ wide by 12′ tall and weigh 720 pounds. The glass was moved 20′ above the plaza level by a 275 ton crane. Then a special glass manipulator was used to set the glass from the inside of the space. Positioning the floor-to-ceiling glass units into the frames posed hoisting and moving challenges. Glaziers were working directly above the steeply sloped bleachers.

For the Administration and Souvenir Shop areas, seven-foot wide by 12′ tall glass units weighing over 1,000 pounds were craned from a narrow city street into the inside of the ball park since lifts were not allowed onto the field. Then the glass units were set into the frames carefully with a glass manipulator. Glaziers knew that only a tap to a corner of the glass would instantly break the unit into thousands of pieces.

Now completed, the CHS Ballpark Field offers clear, uninterrupted views for fans to take in the St. Paul Saints games and enjoy the new life brought to St. Paul’s Lowertown.

Contractor: Ryan Companies
Architects: Ryan A+E, Inc. and Snow Kreilich Architects
Architectural Glass & Metal Contractor: Empirehouse, Inc.
Completed: February 2015

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