City Bella

Empirehouse supplied and installed 46,000 square feet of glass on the City Bella project which included all of the curtainwall, storefront, entrances, windows, patio doors, and mirrors.

City BellaWhat made this project unique was the innovative techniques and equipment Empirehouse used to hoist and install material. Empirehouse utilized two Satellite 7000Mast Climbing Work Platforms. Each eight-foot-deep platform was fifty feet in length, capable of holding 6,400 pounds and move 25 feet per minute, loading and moving aluminum frames, glass, spandrel panels, tools and men at the same time.


Empirehouse installed:

  • A total glass area of 46,000 square feet
  • 532 window units
  • 208 patio doors
  • eight 70′ curtain wall units
  • one main entry curtainwall
  • 10 roof top radius curtainwalls
  • 28 glazed storefront units

General Contractor: Frana and Sons, Inc.
Architect: Pollock Buchanan Architects
Glazing Specialty Contractor: Empirehouse, Inc.
Completed: 2004