Park Nicollet Maple Grove Specialty Center

The new 115,000-square-foot Park Nicollet Specialty Clinic brings together primary care, specialty care, and ambulatory surgical services.

Empirehouse was awarded the specialty glazing contract to fabricate and install nearly 10,000 total square feet of exterior and interior glass for the Park Nicollet Specialty Clinic in Maple Grove, MN.


Empirehouse employed our state-of-the-art CNC mill (we lovingly call Gretchen) to drill the holes in the curtainwall frame spline and mill off the noses. With 1,080 stock lengths of material, Gretchen saved us many hours of repetitive frame prep. The holes were drilled quickly and with perfect accuracy. The largest sections of this curtainwall ladder were engineered with a screw-spline framing system and snapped together quickly and easily.


Foreman Brandon Schindele led the glazing team to meet an aggressive schedule by going over task plans each morning with the crew. He led the team to work in a safe and efficient manner in order to stay on or ahead of schedule and meet the project objectives.

Exterior Glass Scope for Aluminum Curtainwall:

  • 4,839 total square feet of 1/4″ heat-strengthened, blue-green tinted, uncoated lites for structural glazed application and interior 1/4″ clear heat-strengthened lites with a high performance low ‘e’ coating on the #3 surface.
  • 1,355 total square feet of 1/4″ blue-green tinted tempered uncoated lites for structural glazed application and interior 1/4″ clear tempered lites with a high performance low ‘e’ coating on the #3 surface. Largest lite size: 114″ x 48″.
  • 1,680 total square feet of 1/4″ heat-strengthened, blue-green tinted, uncoated lites for structural glazed application and an interior 1/4″ clear heat-strengthened lites with a color ceramic spandrel frit on the #4 surface.
  • 315 total square feet of 1/4″ clear tempered uncoated lites.

Interior Glass Scope: 

  • 1,168 total square feet of heavy-tempered interior glass units
  • 543 total square feet of clear tempered uncoated borrowed lites
  • 77 total square feet of mirror wall glass
  • HSW-DRS sliding wall system
  • DRS system all-glass swinging door
  • Automatic door
  • Pass through windows
  • Decorative glass railing system
  • Fire rated/safety rated glass
  • Heavy tempered leaded glass

Owner: Park Nicollet Health Services
General Contractor: Ryan Companies US, Inc.
Architect: BWBR Architects
Glazing Contractor: Empirehouse, Inc.
Total Glass Area (Exterior and Interior): Approx. 10,000 total square feet
Completed: 2015

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