Empirehouse teamed up with Greiner Construction and Studio BV Architects for the renovations of the Pentair Suite in the Colonnade building in Wayzata. This renovation consisted of three floors and worked to create an atmosphere that aligned with Pentair’s mission of working to create smart, sustainable water solutions. 

Owner: Pentair
General Contractor: Greiner Construction
Architect: Studio BV Architects
Architectural Glass & Glazing Contractor: Empirehouse, Inc.

Project Scope:

One of the most unique parts of the project that ties into this mission is the feature wall created of decorative digitally printed glass that follows the stairs through the three floors. The feature wall was created of quarter inch low iron glass which was customized to follow the layout of the staircase. The wall consists of a wave pattern that incorporates three different shades of blue with a custom image. The image lays out in a rippled water effect that is put together from 29 pieces of glass. Along the walls follows a custom glass mounted rectangular handrail. The handrail system measures at approximately 81 feet of 11/16 Laminated low iron glass. It starts at the overlook on floor 9 and follows the stairs down to the 7th floor and is set into a brushed stainless steel base trim with a stainless steel handrail to match. In the staircase on the 8th floor sits the 60 Minute fire rated glass wall and frame that sits on the 8ths floor that consists of a frameless structural glass wall system. Complementing the main feature wall is four other all glass back painted glass walls, they are located at the reception desk, in the main board room, conference room and coffee bar with colors ranging from Zurich white, cool blue, and pure white. Another decorative piece added to the to the suite are the four frameless all-glass offices with all glass doors using monolithic clear ½” tempered with polished edges located on the 9th floor.

At each entrance sits aluminum storefronts with all custom fabricated all-glass door exit devices with electromagnetic locks for security. Since these hardware components are usually used for all glass door applications and not designed for aluminum systems, Empirehouse was required to engineer custom connections to the aluminum systems to ensure functionality. This is a prime example of the collaboration between Studio BV and Empirehouse to create innovative solutions for their custom designs. A wide variety of commodity glazing solutions were provided throughout the office spaces and conference room locations.  Marker boards in each conference rooms that consisted of “Pure White” back painted low iron tempered glass with a magnetic backing which was set in place by z-clips along the walls.