Summit Orthopedics 

Collaborative Partners: 
RJM Construction – Minneapolis Office

Welsh Companies

MSP Commercial

Empirehouse teamed with RJM Construction and Architect Welsh Companies as the architectural glass and metal contractor for the Summit Orthopedics project in Eagan, MN. The Empirehouse team installed nine aluminum curtainwall systems, a storefront system, punched windows and entrance doors total a glass area of approximately 9,000 square feet.


  • Total Glass Area: 9,000 square feet
    Aluminum storefront thermal clip framing system with approx. 1,000 square feet of heavy-duty, triple-glazed tinted, insulated vision glass lites with high-performance low ‘e’ coating installed on the third floor to buffer the roaring decibel level of departing and landing airplanes
  • Nine fully captured aluminum curtainwall systems with pressure-wall framing glazed with over 5,200 square feet of tinted, high-performance insulated vision and spandrel glass
  • Aluminum storefront thermal clip framing system glazed with over 2,700 square feet of tinted, insulated vision glass lites with high-performance low ‘e’ coating
  • Punched windows
  • Fire safing areas
  • Exterior aluminum doors