The Temple Israel expansion project features a new lobby and education center with views into a new courtyard. There are lots of over-sized windows and monumental curtainwall systems which welcome natural daylighting throughout.

Empirehouse, an Architectural Glass and Metal Contractor, has partnered with award-winning HGA Architects, Joan Sorrano and John Cook, on many premiere projects as the Lakewood Garden Mausoleum, American Swedish Institute: Nelson Cultural CenterWalker Art Center Vineland Place Entrance and Café, and the Hazelden Betty Ford Center.

In 2015, Empirehouse teamed once again with HGA Architects & Engineers and Mortenson Construction on the Temple Israel expansion project.

Empirehouse and Mortenson began pre-construction, design development, schematic design, rough budgeting, detail integration on the project, as well as logistics planning and sequence detailing of the enclosed courtyard site conditions.

As the project entered the submittal state, Empirehouse partnered with HGA to work out design assist details. These details include identifying a solution to conceal air and vapor barrier tie-ins within the monumental curtainwall system, as well as work through the dimensioning of the custom ceramic spandrel frit pattern placement on the oversized glass units using Revit modeling.

Empirehouse glass and glazing scope:

  • A total glass area of approximately 8,000 square feet
  • Monumental two-sided structurally glazed curtainwall system with heavy-tempered,
    heat-strengthened, laminated, glass lites with a custom ceramic spandrel frit pattern to
    conceal the steel stud and gypsom board
  • Oversized glass lites as large as 68″ x 130”
  • Custom-fabricated balanced door in the curtainwall which provides uninterrupted views of the courtyard
  • Retro-fit new energy-efficient windows in the existing facility

Temple Israel

The new light-filled lobby spans nearly 7,000 square feet and features a monumental two-sided structurally glazed curtainwall system with heavy-tempered, heat-strengthened, laminated, glass lites.

Temple Israel Courtyard and replacement windows

New courtyard and lobby as well as retro-fit of new energy-efficient windows into the existing facility.

Temple Israel
Temple Israel
General Contractor: Mortenson Construction
Architect: HGA Architects & Engineers
Glazing Contractor: Empirehouse, Inc.
Total Glass Area: Approx. 8,000 square feet
Completed: September 2016

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Temple Israel Project Gallery: (Click to enlarge)



Pre-glazing glass lites into curtainwall frames became an innovative idea to save time. Instead of setting up scaffolding twice to install frames and glass separately, scaffolding was set up once to install the pre-glazed curtainwall units.

Installing pre-glazed units with a crane and lift

Installing pre-glazed units with a crane and lift.

Temple Israel oversized glass lite

A team of Empirehouse Glaziers install each over-sized glass lite in the courtyard by hand. The logistics of an overhang and soft ground prevented the use of a crane and lift. Also shown on the glass units is a custom ceramic spandrel frit pattern in varying widths which was designed to conceal the steel stud and gypsum board of the new lobby area.