Upsher-Smith Expansion

Collaborative Partners:
Collaborative Partners:
Ryan Companies

The Upsher Smith Laboratories project was an addition to a facility that was constructed many years ago. Empirehouse was tasked to provide materials to match the new construction with the original building. Over the years, the glass and aluminum systems used in the original construction had been discontinued. Empirehouse overcame these procurement issues through our long-standing relationships with premier aluminum and glass suppliers. After independent research and engineering modifications with today’s glass and aluminum systems, Empirehouse reached a desired appearance within the construction budget.

Scope Of Work:

Exterior project scope:

  • Over 14,000 square feet of exterior glazing systems involving various glazing components
  • Custom engineered faceted and monumental four-sided structural silicone glazed curtainwall systems act as prominent features on the west and south facades and mimic the original main entrance wall system
  • Simple thermal aluminum ribbon window systems follow the perimeter of the three-level structure
  • Standard captured aluminum pressure-wall systems vertically separate the façade elements throughout the office and warehouse space
  • A custom monumental lean-to skylight application that extends 150-lineal feet across the common space roof which includes an integrated vertical louvered return wall to accommodate exhaust management

Interior glazing scope:

  • Heavy-tempered monolithic wall systems with custom-polished aluminum flat-stock trim
  • Multiple fire-rated aluminum door and framing systems installed at the existing separation wall
  • Decorative glass throughout the executive level office: magnetic glass marker-boards, a low-voltage controlled electrically switchable translucent glass partition, and custom molded or etched art glass