Empirehouse is a Certified NACC Architectural Glass and Metal Contractor Ensuring Quality by National Standards.

Empirehouse is an NACC Certified Glazing ContractorEmpirehouse is proud to be the first Certified NACC Architectural Glass and Metal Contractor in the Midwest. On April 22, 2016, North American Contractor Certification (NACC) certified that Empirehouse Company Business Practices; Safety Protocol; Quality Management Systems; Contract Administrative Processes; and Glazing Processes meet the North American Contractor Certification Program requirements in the following categories: Interior and Entry Systems; Building Envelope – Low Rise; Building Envelope – High Rise; and Active Glass.

Empirehouse stakes our reputation on our commitment to quality to provide you with the right product for your glass and glazing application.

Empirehouse careersEvery Empirehouse project adopts these steps for quality assurance:

  • We assign a team member to oversee the quality control for each level of the project—from bidding through fabrication and installation
  • We determine the project requirements and take steps to ensure that performance and compliance levels meet or exceed specifications
  • We establish methods to test and validate the performance of our products during fabrication and installation
  • We assign regular testing and field checks which include proper recording, tracking, and distributing the information

Reporting includes:

  1. Work Quality
  2. Performance Timeliness
  3. Management Effectiveness
  4. Labor Standards Compliance
  5. Safety Standards Compliance

Empirehouse will clearly explain their quality control expectations and requirements with vendors and suppliers to meet job requirements with our contracts. All parties must verify that their manufactured materials or services comply with the requirements of the contract. Our vendors and suppliers must be responsible for compliance with the specifications and concisely document this information.

Empirehouse Proven Process of Quality

The Empirehouse Proven Process of Quality is powered by innovative people who team together and go above and beyond to produce great results. Since 1950, Empirehouse has served our clients with integrity to deliver on our promises.

Empirehouse: Great Company. Great People. Great Results!