The Empirehouse Proven Process:
Collaboration by Design

Collaboration by Design is Empirehouse’s proven process to ensure our commitment to quality. It is powered by innovative people teaming and collaborating together to go above and beyond and produce great results. For three generations, Empirehouse has served our clients with integrity to deliver on our promises.

Collaboration by Design


The Empirehouse Collaboration by Design process is composed of the following seven phases:

1. Connecting

Your great people meet our great people

2. Discovering

Your ideas meet our architectural glass and metal solutions

3. Collaborating

Your details meet our design assist and constructability resources

4. Preparing

Your questions meet our thoroughness

5. Implementing

Your project meets our aluminum fabrication and glazing installation experience

6. Delivering

Your project meets our great results

7. Evaluating

Ensuring that your expectations are met through our quality services

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