Safety Is Our Culture.

Empirehouse, Inc. is committed to the safety of all personnel in our offices, shop and project sites. Whether it’s the employees of Empirehouse, our subcontractors or others, Empirehouse is committed to safety. Safety must never be compromised, it is part of quality workmanship and the mark of true professionals. We will meet or exceed governmental standards as we work to be a model in the construction industry.

To further our commitment to the health and protection of our employees, Empirehouse has implemented the “Zero Injury Program.” Empirehouse believes that the elimination of all injuries is possible, and we are dedicated to achieving this goal. The success of this program depends on a pledge by all employees to work towards the “Zero Injury” goal.  We will constantly improve and encourage a safe work culture. We will identify and eliminate unsafe conditions to create an environment where no employee will work in a way that endangers life or health.

“Empirehouse’s commitment to safety is our number one priority. In addition to providing a safe working atmosphere and providing regular education experiences, we encourage all our employees to go a step further and educate themselves and others in safe working practices.” – Mike Gilbert Empirehouse President 

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